Favorite Sites on Flipora: Discovering More of What Flipora Could Offer



If you think you have already brushed elbows with all the good social surfing platforms available, you should no longer be a stranger to Flipora. The popularity of this social surfing service is certainly beyond question. With close to 150,000 new users signing in every week, there is no doubt that Flipora is here to stay. People love their favorite sites on Flipora.

Flipora is a Valuable Tool for Many

In the days to come, cyberspace will just expect more and more web users taking advantage of what this platform has to offer in the realm of discovering and sharing online information. Even with its unprecedented rise to fame, Flipora does not rest on its laurels. It continues to introduce improvements and innovations, making it an even more valuable tool for its users.

Furthermore, Flipora lets you do more than what is typically offered in other social media platforms and networks such as Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. If these are your favorite web pages, then you can simply enjoy them every time you browse through the web. A cut above the rest, Flipora does not limit itself to user-initiated posts. Flipora acts as a camera that evaluates and interprets the user’s surfing habits. Definitely, Flipora is more than just what you post online.

Best Social Surfing Platform

This social surfing platform has been highly commended when it introduced an easier and more efficient manner of recalling previously viewed or liked webpages. Now, it takes a big leap of faith by trying to make it even easier for the user to decide on which websites would be the next destination.

Many choose to surf through their favorite sites on Flipora because of several cool features. The web browsing history featured in Flipora now includes a recommendation tab, slightly similar to what you would see in Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Based on the websites and pages you previously clicked on, Flipora will also find other webpages you may be interested in. Of course, these websites are expected to be relevant and related to the online content you previously acquired.

Growing Number of Users

This innovation is truly not a minor feat that could be ignored. From the platform’s 8 million users, the number of webpages that Flipora has to apply indexing to every single day has already reached an overwhelming number of 8 million pages. This number is even six times larger than the daily index quota of Wikipedia. If you’re managing an online business, it is recommended that you take advantage of the best Flipora services.

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