Craig Scott Capital – A Registered Investment Broker-Dealer You Can Trust

Do you have an investment idea that you think will really hit it home? Or perhaps you are an investor who is seeking strategic investment ideas in the public markets and in alternative investments? Regardless of your investment needs, it sounds like you need to deal with a registered investment broker-dealer such as Craig Scott Capital. An investment broker-dealer is a financial professional or firm that helps investors buy and sell various types of securities in many different marketplaces. Such a financial firm or professional are generally certified to conduct transactions that involves many different market types.

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One of the most trusted names in the field of investment broker-dealer is Craig Scott Capital. It is a high-service, high-energy, registered broker-dealer that caters to the brokerage and investment needs of a group of knowledgeable clients. The company aims to bring to all client relationships a dedicated commitment to personal service that is accompanied by professional execution. If you are looking for a broker-dealer firm that gives emphasis to responsiveness, market intelligence and depth of relationships, then Craig Scott Capital will surely fit your needs.

The business model of this particular broker-dealer firm is fairly straightforward. First, they seek investment prospects of the highest quality based on its price-to-value imbalance. Then, these investment ideas are presented to knowledgeable investors who might be seeking public equity investments, in addition to alternative investments that are not readily available in the public markets.

The firm prides itself to have what it takes to meet their clients’ needs. The firm combines industry credentials, responsive client service, creative solutions and dedicated commitment to seeking high quality investment ideas. It is in the best interest of the firm to provide a high level of service, principled professionalism, and the desire to fully commit themselves to helping the clients attain their investment goals.

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When dealing with a broker-dealer firm, it is only natural that you make sure that it’s the real deal. Craig Scott Capital is a long-time member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), NASDAQ, and of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). The customers of these organization members are protected up to US $500,000 (including US $250,000 for claims for cash). If you are interested to find out more information about this, you can log on to

Top Benefits You Should Know – Why Choose Platinum Rapid Funding Group

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So you need additional funds for your business, and you need it now. If you are thinking of going to bank for a loan, then you are in for a disappointment. Since you don’t seem to qualify for any sort of business funding, what exactly can you do? In this seemingly hopeless situation, a company that you can turn to is Platinum Rapid Funding Group. Why choose Platinum Rapid Funding Group?

• Approvals are fast and easy. With Platinum Rapid Funding Group, you will not waste time filling an extensive application form and deal with a lot of paperwork. You can get approved in just 24 hours or less.

• Poor credit is not a problem. Have bad credit? Don’t fret because Platinum Rapid Funding Group will still be able to help you. They even have a “no credit check” program which accept all levels of credit.

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• No personal guarantees or collaterals. When obtaining funds in Platinum Rapid Funding Group, you do not need to put a lien on your house, vehicle or any other forms of collateral.

• Satisfied clients. Platinum Rapid Funding Group aims to provide the best business funding solution available. In fact, 80% of their clients renew.
Why choose Platinum Rapid Funding Group? Because you can’t go wrong with them when it comes to funding your business.

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Understanding How Merchant Advance Express Works

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Are you having a hard time making a successful credit transaction with lending institutions? Have you already visited all the banks in your locality only to find out none of them would be willing to help you with your financial dilemma? Have you grown too tired of finding good assets that you can present as collateral to lending companies just to grant your loan request? Do not give up just yet on your objective of getting enough starting capital for your business endeavor. If you come to understand how Merchant Advance Express works, you will certainly find a way to end your search for a good cash credit.

Credit Application and Credit Range

Before completing the application stage, you need to set the amount you plan to acquire as credit. The credit line ranges from $5,000 to as high as $250,000 per business unit. Your credit application will be determined by the expected average gross sales of your business, hence, the company can guide you in making better financial strategies and avoid making too big or too small credit transactions. As for the type of business that the company funds, Merchant Advance Express accepts all classes of ventures as long as they are registered and are legally operating. After completing the application, you will only have to wait for a maximum of 24 hours for the approval of your credit request. How’s that for a start?

Credit Approval

There’s more to Merchant Advance Express than just easy credit application. With the company acting as a factor, you don’t have to worry paying more than what you owe with interest payments. Interest rates are not included in the credit arrangement. Plus a collateral-free application, you’ll be getting your needed capital without spending a penny for application cost.

Repayment Term

Even the repayment period doesn’t require much of your time, given that the company will give you the most strategic payment terms. Depending on the amount you cashed out, you can fully pay your debt as early as 3 months or 9 months at maximum. If your business gets a good shot, you may not even worry about meeting the daily payments at all. All you have to do is to make good use of the funds you have temporarily borrowed and achieve business growth time enough to settle your debts.

Understanding how Merchant Advance Express works will not only enlighten you to make better financial decisions, it will also give you the opportunity to avoid incurring credit-related costs.

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Build the Ideal Body With Toned At Home Personal Training

Whether you like it or not, size and figure do matter. The condition of your muscles and your body figure is important not only in accomplishing daily activities but also to keep you away from body dysfunctions and illnesses. Educational body-building is the new trend, and we are on the same page.

Working-out with a Personal Trainer

Everyone wants to do exercise but the problem is how? More importantly, are you doing it right? Well, you might think you’re doing it perfectly but it could turn out wrong and ineffective. Doing exercise and staying fit is like playing sports. You need to know the basics. And what you need is an in-home personal trainer, a highly qualified fitness professional that serves as your buddy to achieve your goal. What could be better than making a commitment to regularly meet with someone who will provide you with individualized attention and support?

Finding a perfect In-home Personal Trainer

Finding and picking a mentor could be a bit baffling and, for some, scaring. It’s not easy asking help, getting to know more information about how personal training works can make it a little simpler. Seeking for the perfect trainer is like picking your favorite dish in a table. You should try knowing the quality of the service if you don’t want to end up in regrets. It’s like finding a mentor who doesn’t think of anything but the best for you. A trainer that is concerned more about his trainees’ condition than the fee is an ideal one to find, one which is available in Toned At Home center.

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Toned At Home at your Service

If a perfect trainer is what you want, then a perfect trainer is what you will get. Toned At Home provides tested and proven trainer for both guys and gals that’ll get you off the hook, start good, and make the best fit out of you. They have a lot of references from individuals who have experienced the good transformation from within, from feeling down to getting highly esteemed because of the positive physical changes they’ve achieved.

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A Technological Breakthrough for Digestive Health and Wellness in ProbioSlim

With dedication and passion for enriching consumers’ lives, Nutraclick has discovered a technological breakthrough that will suffice the demand in health science regarding digestive problems with a plus. Probioslim is a brand that will not just do the trick in illuminating the long shadowed problems in digestive health such as diarrhoea, constipation and gas bloating but also in awakening your desire in controlling weight and get fit. It is a new category in healthy weight management that breaks the traditional way in losing weight.

Predicament of Weight Management

For so long, millions of people who have problems in losing weight are getting frustrated in fighting such phantom dilemma. With proper and regular exercise combined with a healthy lifestyle such as having a good and quality sleep and eating a well-balanced diet, this problem might be solved. However, there comes an instance where following such routine is breakable. Doing so requires great determination and discipline in resolving the problem. Some may consider controlling weight a very difficult task given the temptations of enticing and delectable foods.

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Traditional Diet Pills

Most of the people with overweight problem resort to using the traditional “magic diet” pills in order for them to eradicate the problem of losing weight. The plain promise of these diet pills without considering innovation makes it outdated. A lot in the market claims the effectiveness of their fat burners and make whimsical promises. But these were aged “diet” pills. If they were that effective, there should be no more overweight individual in the world today.

Innovation and Combination

Nowadays, in this fast changing world, innovation is a vital weapon in the market. Considering the different needs of the consumers is important. ProbioSlim is proudly developed to cater not just weight management but also in attending to the needs of consumers in terms of Digestive Health. The combination of the two is a breakthrough for ProbioSlim. We believe that weight management is not just about plain weight cutting and fat burning but also taking good care of your health especially your digestive system.

The Magic of ProbioSlim

As a result of thorough clinical research and recent discoveries about the relevance of digestive health and weight management, Probioslim was formulated. Simply stated, it is a quantum leap discovery – the only formulation that recognizes the essential role of probiotic science in effective weight control. With probiotics backed with prebiotics (food for probiotics) and the natural weight loss ingredients, it is the pioneering category for healthy weight management.

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Merchant Advance Express Services as Your Business’ Guardian

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Having sufficient starting capital is one of the factors that mark the preparedness of one businessman to venture into the industry. Not only does it only power up all necessary startup activities, capital also determines the scope and level of your business operations. The size of your capital dictates whether you opt for labor intensive or labor extensive strategies to achieve your business goals. Without the financial freedom to initiate your business, you could possibly give up in the end right before you get started. The hardest part of this phase of your business career comes when you have to find for open doors in augmenting your capital resources for your business undertaking. When the search gets tough, you might be thinking of putting extra effort in finding yourself a temporary source of extra funding. However, with Merchant Advance Express services, you won’t have to carry the burden of going through stressful application schemes that will require you to wait for a long period of time without even a guarantee that your application request will be granted.

There’s only a fine line that separates a successful business from a failed one and that may pertain to the financial factor that greatly contributes to the overall productivity of a business venture. Merchant Advance Express services will greatly draw your business idea further away from that thin difference by giving you financial advantage in a quick and easy fashion. With up to $1,000,000 fund pool made available for business funding, the company aims to assist a great number of troubled business owners.

Don’t Worry About Incurring Upfront Fees

Instead of worrying too much about spending a portion of your capital in paying for upfront fees charged by common lending companies, you can use this time to further enhance the potential of your business idea. Merchant Advance Express will not charge you with any transaction fees at all so that you can purely focus your financial resources on your business undertaking.

Merchant Advance Express Funding

Merchant Advance Express Is Your Business Guardian

Unlike most opportunist lending companies who only think about what they can generate from credit arrangements they offer, Merchant Advance Express services are tailored to guide business owners in making the right financial decisions. By assessing your business’ potential revenue, they will come up with the best credit set up for you.

The Better Financial Option for Your Business

Most importantly, what makes Merchant Advance Express a better option to find financial support is the fact that they don’t impose interest rates on any credit arrangement regardless of the value loaned or the payment term agreed. With this scheme made possible, business owners are empowered to focus more on their business rather than the periodic payments that they have to make.

So there you have it. You know you can start a business. You know that Merchant Advance Express can help! But what if you don’t even have an idea? Watch this video to give you some cool small business ideas for start up!

Embrace A Healthier Body and A Better Life With Peak Life Products

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Our modern lifestyle could get pretty toxic if we don’t do anything to change it for the better. Office works may require more time than what is written on the job description. Appointments may only give you a matter of minutes to take a break. Employees and workmates might not be the ideal companion that you want to mingle with in the work environment. Not to mention the pending house bills and expenses to pay, going home from work may not be as rewarding as you though it would be. That is why in order to sleep soundly and wake up with a positive mood that can gear you up for the whole day’s work, you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a well-balanced diet. To top it all up, you can take safe and effective health supplements such as well-known Peak Life products to optimize your performance in all activities.

The Company That Is Peak Life

Peak Life is a company that promotes wellness and healthy living that can be achieved by taking pure and health-friendly nutritional supplements that are a product of their innovative and scientific efforts. Peak Life products are not only formulated to supply the much needed vitamins and nutrients in your body, but most importantly they are clinically tested to boost your bodily functions. With Peak Life, you don’t have to worry about getting exhausted in the middle of your office work nor finding it hard to smile and pose a positive mood toward your colleagues and staff. You can shake off all those worries away with the feeling that you can do almost anything.

Products for Bodily Dysfunctions

Peak Life products cover a wide range of formulations to solve most of the bodily problems that we encounter in our day-to-day activities. For instance, if you experience body aches brought by heavy workloads or serious physical stress, there’s Peak Life Joint to help ease out the pain and discomfort. Finding it hard to sleep? Somnapure might be the supplement you need to easily tuck yourself to bed in no time. If you’ve had enough of those frequent urinary urges that seem to disrupt your sleeping pattern, Peak Life Prostate is the answer.

Products for Improvement and Support

If you are looking for products that can improve the functions and protect the condition of the organs in your body, Peak Life also has a lot in store for you. For better mental fortitude and aptitude, there’s Focus Well as your brain’s focus and memory improver. Your heart deserves to be given the required substances that could make it healthier such as Coenzymes and fatty acids that can all be found on Peak Life’s Heart First product. Most of these products come in a handy bottle package that contains a 30-day supply of 120 capsules. All of their products are attached with easy-to-follow usage indications and directions.

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Another Article of the Advantages of Merchant Advance Express

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Most young entrepreneurs depend on banks and other lending institutions to acquire the sufficient amount of capital they need to facilitate their business’ start-up activities. They have to wait in long queues, set up appointments that may be dated a day or two, and come back after a week or so to get the creditor’s decision. This process can be exhausting and disappointing for some, especially when the creditor ends up not granting the loan request. It may be one of those “waiting in vain” business clichés that every businessman wishes to avoid. Fortunately, the solution to this pressing problem can already be found in the advantages of Merchant Advance Express.

Quick and Easy Application System

Merchant Advance Express can be your best alternative solution when it comes to finding additional capital for your business start-up. With their one-page application form, business owners will get the convenience they want in every credit arrangement. This is matched with fast service to enable businesses operate the soonest possible time thereby optimizing efficiency in activity.

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Fast Request Approval

Without any need of documents to present, your credit request will be approved within 24-hours after the application has been completed. This time frame is faster than what most banks and lending companies can offer to you even if they prioritize your request. If your credit request can get approved in such short amount of time, chances are, you won’t have to waste your time and energy in finding other means of financial support.

Receive Business Funding in a Matter of One Week

Within one week after your credit request has been approved, you can immediately receive the funding you have been waiting. Instead of letting a couple of weeks or months pass by along with the many sunken opportunities, you can start your business briefly and smoothly hence maximizing productivity.
What makes Merchant Advance Express different from any other financial institutions is the fact that you don’t have to spend a single penny for upfront fees that you normally incur when applying for credit arrangements. These advantages of Merchant Advance Express have already been enjoyed by many business owners. In fact, a lot of first-time clients return with a positive result to share, and are eager to renew the credit arrangement knowing that they can only get the best out from a beneficial financial institution that is Merchant Advance Express.

Important Things That You Should Know About Peak Life, Shared by Daniel Wallace

The company that brought you some of the most wonderful dietary supplement products today, Peak Life has certainly catered a great number of people and helped them create a better, health-oriented lifestyle. There is still a lot to know more about Peak Life and if you want to become one of the lucky Peak Life customers, you should know a thing or two about the company, including its goals and mission.

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Peak Life in a Global Scale

Peak Life is a company that delves into the area of manufacturing nutritional supplements. With their central operations based in Massachusetts, USA, Peak Life has established a name that goes beyond international borders. The name of the company has already become global, and its different products are well-known across different continents.

Peak Life’s Mission Statement

The mission statement of Peak Life is to emphasize the idea of a healthy living made possible through the advantages of science and innovation. However, this does not mean that they have used artificial substances as components of their products but instead rely on natural medicines in formulating effective and safe outputs.

The Edge of Peak Life over the Others

Peak Life products do not only alleviate certain health conditions and prevent many others from occurring. More importantly, what’s amazing about Peak Life is that there products are formulated to optimize several functions of the body for a more productive yet stress-free lifestyle.

This video, shared by Daniel Wallace, has some other tips to help stay healthy! Good luck!

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How Merchant Advance Express Works & Its Benefits

For just about any business owner, the growth of their enterprise ranks as one of the topmost concerns that must be addressed as soon as possible. Of course, a growing business will also require essentials such as additional equipment, a bigger advertising budget, and a stable working capital. However, it is also a well-known fact that in order to facilitate growth in any business, you will need the appropriate funds. To fund most businesses’ growth, merchants turn to banks in order to secure a loan. Unfortunately, not everyone is qualified for a business loan. So what can you do in this type of situation?
If you are a business owner who’s looking to expand your business but don’t have enough cash, you might want to consider a merchant cash advance provider like Merchant Advance Express.

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How Merchant Advance Express Works?

The Merchant Advance Express is a premier merchant cash advance provider that has already helped a lot of small business owners. What they do is that they fund business owners by giving a lump-sum upfront payment. The lump-sum upfront payment is determined via the average of merchant’s gross sales. The advance is then paid with a mutually-agreed fixed percentage which is deducted from the business’ future sales. This way, the debt is partially paid with each sale until the full amount is paid. With how Merchant Advance Express works, it is no wonder that it is the go-to funding solution of most small business owners. has a great article on how more businesses are utilizing our service to help them!

Businesses With Bad Credit Are Welcome

Most banks will not approve an individual or business with a poor credit history as they are treated as high-risk clients. With Merchant Advance Express, you will be happy to know that having a poor credit will not hinder your plans to obtain business funds. All levels of credit are welcome and they even offer “No Credit Check” programs. That’s right, even small businesses with little to no credit history can obtain funds to facilitate growth.

Why Choose Merchant Advance Express?

Merchant Advance Express is simply one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to funding solutions for small businesses. They have served businesses that span across a variety of industries so they have a lot of experience under their belt. The application is very simple and easy, and you can easily do it online. If you want a name that truly understands your needs as a business owner, Merchant Advance Express is the answer.

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